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Rabbits - approved version Rabbits - rejected version Mr. E Shinto Atoma Kardak Zero Glycon Bela Lugosi Lost
Spaceace Batman Redesign Beast Bishop Black Angel Black Orchid Boogie, El Aceitoso Buck Rogers Buck Rogers & Twiki Bukowski Cable Cable Redesign
Canario Capt. Marvel Capt. Marvel 2 Conquistador Domino Lady El Topo Mickey - Mickey Mouse is © Disney The Flamingo Flora Frida Gadget Man Genesis The Ghost Exterminator
Grow Hagar - Hagar is © Dik Browne Hyper the Phenomenal International Patents, Inc. Iron Man - Iron Man is © Marvel Comics Isabela Lance Henriksen Octobriana Pacino Skywolf Vampirella - Vampirella is © Harris Comics
Spacehawk The Steam Man of the Prairies Taxi Driver The Eye The Bat Thriller Travis Bickle Treeman TV Nostalgia Dr. Zoidberg - Dr. Zoidberg is © Matt Groening

© Felipe Sobreiro